#12 Make 12 new friends

~~~~~ 2/12 ~~~~~

On Tuesday night I asked a recent friend I had made online if they’d like to get together. She’ll be the first friend I’ve made outside of Teach For America since I moved here. And since TFA kept us working 70 hours a week in super stressful environments, I was hardly ever able to get together with the friends I did make. So now I have both the time and the desire to make friends that I can spend time with – and this was our first in-person date.

I met Kennedy at a restaurant I’ve been meaning to go to for a while: Mana Food Bar.



It’s all vegetarian and they have lots of fancy drinks. I ordered an apple cider nigori and she had a pomegranate mint cocktail. They were both wonderful!


As an appetizer I was easily convinced to order a vegetable pickle that had kimchi in it, and I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it!


She also got a wonderful arugula salad with spicy chile dressing that I tried and found delicious.


We had a great time! We have a lot in common – including we both have partners of 5 years and we all enjoy sci-fi nerdery! We got to know each other for a few hours, and it was going so well we called our boys and had them meet us as a nearby Arcade Bar for drinks and old-school arcade games.


Remy and I stayed out much later than usual, and he really enjoyed Kennedy and Andy’s company too! We definitely plan to hang out again soon, and I can see this developing into something great, so I’m checking 2 new friends off the list!

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