#1 Cook your way through 1 entire cookbook

~~~~~ 0/1 ~~~~~

This will be a short post because I haven’t actually accomplished any challenges yet, but I did take a big step toward being on my way… I chose the cookbook I want to cook my way through!

We have over 40 vegan cookbooks, so it was a difficult decision. I considered longer cookbooks, and shorter cookbooks, specialized cookbooks and general cookbooks. We have lots of dessert cookbooks and a lot of cookbooks that are limited to one genre: Vegetarian Sushi Made Easy!, Rawsomely Vegan, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, etc. , Although I love my sweets, sushi, and raw food I didn’t want to limit myself… So I wanted to choose a cookbook that covers almost all the bases!

Eventually it became clear that the most well-rounded, best-lengthed, and most exciting book to work with would be Vegan! Over 90 Mouthwatering Recipes for all Occasions.


It’s just fancy enough to make me feel like I’m trying to be a chef, but it also uses a lot of common ingredients or tells you how to make many of the rarer ingredients at home! Here’s to hoping I can accomplish 2 recipes per week over the next year! Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Here are some teasers if things I’ll be cooking at some point! Feel free to drool.



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