#11 Visit 11 museums / #21 Try 21 new restaurants

~~~~~ 1/11 ~~~~~
~~~~~ 1/21 ~~~~~

My mom and grandma came to visit for a couple days, and I knocked two goals off my list!

First we visited a new restaurant called Green Zebra. Not this green zebra!
This Green Zebra!
Named after the heirloom tomato, Green Zebra was named the number 7 all-vegetarian restaurant in the US last year. They serve modern Italian food on small plates, which does a wonderful job of promoting conversation.
My mom and grandma – both excellent cooks – we’re delighted by the complexity of flavors and creative presentations. The only thing my grandma didn’t like was the curry; it was much too spicy for a second generation Norwegian. I on the other hand thought the curry was the best dish of the night! Spicy but not overpowering, with a richness you wouldn’t expect from a vegan curry.
Plate after plate was piled upon our table, until we were all bursting! We tried almost everything and there were many standouts: dreamy acorn squash dumplings with soy caramel, carrot sesame purée, and watermelon radish; heirloom beet salad with chestnut espuma, frisée and sherry vinaigrette; pearled barley “risotto” with winter pistou, broccoli, capers and molasses; and white chocolate cranberry mousse. Since I work here, the chef sent out an extra dish (on the house!) almost every course. The head chef is not only talented, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met. Needless to say we were stuffed to bursting by the end. Anyone who doesn’t think they can get full on vegetarian food should bring that challenge to Green Zebra.

Price is $$


Next we spent a wonderful afternoon at the Field Museum!
I have been to the Field Museum on one other occasion and both times I left feeling there was so more the explore! You could spend a year getting lost in there.
We loved every exhibit we got the chance to see. The Evolving Planet…
The Ancient Americas…
The Hall of Gems…
The Hall of Jade…

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