#1 Cook: Smokey Tofu Nuggets on Toast!

Smokey Tofu Nuggets on Toast

The next pitstop on my journey through this fabulous cookbook is Smokey Tofu Nuggets on Toast. I was excited to make it because Remy (my partner) love making vegan “hot turkey and cheese” on bagels or toast in the morning. Even though I don’t miss meat or dairy, some of these old comforts still draw me in. I hoped smokey tofu toast might be a less extravagant alternative to the processed perfection I still crave.


It was a fabulous alternative, but I don’t know about less extravagant. Perhaps it’s just the wording of the cookbook, but I couldn’t find “yeast extract” anywhere! I finally googled it and discovered that Marmite is yeast extract, but it was $4.99 for a tiny container! I only bought it because a number of recipes in the cookbook call for it. It better be worth it!


2 1/2 t. soy sauce
2 t. avocado or olive oil
2 oz. smoked tofu or vegan bacon or ham
(or smoke your own tofu with liquid smoke!)
1/2 c. nondairy milk
1/2 c. rapeseed or canola oil
2 1/2 t. cider vinegar
2-4 T. potato flour
1 t. spicy brown mustard
1 T. tomato sauce
1 t. vegan bouillon
4 slices bread
1 t. yeast extract (Marmite)
black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350° F. Combine soy sauce and avocado/olive oil in small bowl. Add tofu and mix well. Spoon into an oven pan and bake for 10-15 minutes or until crispy on the edges.

2. Heat the nondairy milk to just below the boiling point. Add rapeseed/canola oil and whisk thoroughly. Add the cider vinegar while whisking.

3. Add the potato flour, mustard, tomato sauce, and bouillon tot he milk mixture, and whisk constantly while bringing a boil.

4. Spread the yeast extract on the bread.

5. Mix the baked tofu into the cheesy milk mixture, then spread on the bread.

6. Bake the bread on a baking sheet in the oven for 10 minutes or until gold brown and starting to bubble. Cut toast into wedges and sprinkle with black pepper.

I was still slightly dubious if the Marmite, so I made toast two ways: some with Marmite and some without.


The toast came out fantastic, but I actually found the toast with the Marmite on it to be too salty, so I won’t be a adding that next time. Remy, on the other hand, preferred the saltiness of the Marmite toast, so he ate my Marmite slices!


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