#6 Visit 6 New Places: Wild Mountain Winery – Taylor’s Falls, MN


During our visit to Minnesota over Valentines Day, Remy surprised me with a wine tasting at Wild Mountain Winery in Taylor’s Falls, MN. It was a 50 minute drive north from Minneapolis, up a dirt road to get to the vineyard; other than the wine poles, in winter it looked no different from any other Minnesota Farm, and then we saw the tasting room!


Alan, a gentleman who reminded me of my grandfather, showed us in and poured us a glass of wine while we waited for another couple to arrive. We waited a few minutes and no one came so we began without them. They never actually showed so we ended up getting a private tasting!

We tasted at least 6 or 7 different wines, from their driest whites to their fullest reds. Alan taught us a lot about drinking wine: how to look for clarity, smell for flavor, and swish for taste. I actually enjoyed all the reds as well as the whites for a change! It was a great time.


Alan also had a game of sorts set up to guess common wine scents. He had different scents in bottles and we tried to guess what they were. We were both surprisingly awful at guessing but it was a lot of fun.

Two of the wines we tasted with food. The Frontenac came with apricots, and the port came with dark chocolate. Both great pairings. We loved those two the most and ended up buying a bottle of both!

Throughout the tasting Alan offered recommendations of other foods that were good with the wine. Many of them were meat, and it wasn’t until the end that we admitted we were vegan. Once we did, Alan admitted that he was vegetarian too! It was so unexpected and great, because then we were able to get some good wine/veggie pairings out of him as well!

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip. We learned a lot, and received a generous amount of wine for only $25 each. This even included a bottle of wine for the two of us! We recommend it to anyone up there in the frosty north or anyone visiting Minnesota.

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