#10 Accomplish 10 things you didn’t think you could do: Minneapolis Bike Tour!

#10 Minneapolis Bike Tour Long Route

Last weekend Remy and I biked 32 miles in the Minneapolis Bike Tour!

We woke up at the ass-crack of dawn last Saturday to get to the starting like by 8:00 am. Upon pulling into Boom Island on our bikes we were immediately swallowed up by the masses of people completing registration and getting started. There was simultaneously complete chaos and complete organization, with people shouting things here and directing people there, everyone doing their own thing and the same thing.

We found our registration table and got our official “Minneapolis Bike tour” tags and t-shirts. After that it was off to the starting line (which was aaaalllllll the way across the river, so I’m calling our ride 32.5! 😉 heehee).
With the wind in our hair we took off at a moderate pace, excited to be doing this for the first time! And everything went smooth for the first 2 miles. That’s when it happened. Our first major hill. We powered up the massive monstrosity out of the river- valley on our single speed (no gears) bikes without walking, but there was no celebration because we were too exhausted. Remy has been preparing for months with his daily biking to work, but I hadn’t done much to prepare. Now that choice was really catching up with me! I didn’t see how I was going to make it another 30 miles after that!

I dragged myself to a rest another half mile after that, and I had to lie down. I even snapped at Remy for not waiting for me even though he was right there. But after a few minutes and a few hearty gulps of water (and Remy sneaking off to pee) I was thankfully ready to go again! I apologized to Remy and recommitted to our route. I could do this.

We made it to the first official rest stop in another mile and a half and stopped briefly for some air for Remy’s tire, and some orange slices. Took a quick walk down the dock and snapped a photo and we were off again!

After that first setback it was smoother sailing the rest of the way. I found my groove and was able to just keep biking! There were a few more hills but none as tragic as the first. We even skipped one of the later rest stops later and just kept biking! One of the volunteers we met along the route told us that there were over 3200 bikers riding that day between the 16, 25, and 32 mile routes! That’s incredible to me!

Remy was looking mighty fine on his fancy Surly single speed bike!
For the first time ever in an athletic situation, Remy actually challenged me! I’ve gotten used to being the coach and source of encouragement in our relationship, so it was good to be the one who got pushed for once! Even though I’m sure Remy would have liked to go a little faster, we both had a wonderful time and he stuck to my pace. And we still finished in just about 3 hours!

It was such a wonderful thing to do together I think we’ll do it every year! Next year we were thinking of inviting friends and family to participate with us!


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