#21: Amazing Thailand

Try 21 New Restaurants:
Amazing Thailand

Yesterday Remy, Remy’s mom and I went to Amazing Thailand in Uptown, Minneapolis.

amazingthailand2The decorations were both very lavish and very Thai! I felt like I was in Thailand inside that restaurant – and there was so much to look at. 


Our food came in no time and was D-E-licious! Remy and I shared spring rolls, the Amazing Curry with tofu, and the Spicy noodles. The Amazing Curry was good but very peanut-forward. My favorite dish was the spicy noodles! It was so cool: large, flat noodles covered in a tasty nose-running sauce and tons of vegetarbles on top! I wish I had taken a pic, but here’s one of us instead!

photo (1)

I give this restaurant 5 out of 5 stars! Their vegan menu was pretty fantastic, but they had plenty to please most meat-and-potatoes Minnesotans too!



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