#6: Visit 6 New Places: Hinterland Vineyards

Visit #6 New Places

Back in September Remy and I took a restful and rejuvenating weekend trip to…

Willmar, MN.

Believe it or not, we went there on purpose. Our impetus for this mini-vacations was a Groupon for a wine tasting and vineyard tour at Hinterland Vineyards. I was caught by surprise by Remy’s purchase and excitement, because the only time I’ve ever been to Willmar was for gymnastics camp in 7th grade. But it was a nice small town with quite a bit to do.

Our first night in town we had a blast at the vineyard and even got to meet the owners, who came out at the end of the night and drank with us around the fire. They weren’t much older than us, which got us excited about our own potential to own our own business.


After getting our second tasting pour, and our FREE BOTTLE OF WINE!, we stepped outside the bar/bottling room into the beautiful vineyard. The weather was just perfect for a stroll through the vines, which were literally sagging under the weight of all those luscious grapes. I tried one and was surprised to find out that wine grapes are sweet and delicious to eat on their own!

I learned that the University of Minnesota started a breeding program for cold-hardy grapes in the 1980s, and that today there are at least 6 varieties of grapes that can be grown for wine here in Minnesota! Frontenac is the most popular breed here, and also the variety they grow at Hinterland Vineyards. For more about cold-hardy grapes, visit the University of Minnesota Grapes Website:



We also got to keep our wine glasses with the Hinterland Vineyard logo! We would definitely recommend this place! The owners really make it worth the trip, and they also serve some great food out of a food truck behind the building!


The visit dissolved all our stress for the week, and the wine put us into a great frame of mind! It was a great trip overall! We also got a chance to go go-carting and mini-golfing and walk our dogs around the lake during our time in Willmar. If you go to Willmar check out Hinterland Vineyards for sure, and for a little adventure try the Big Kahuna Fun Park in nearby Spicer!

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