Learn #15 New Things: Abortion Support

Abortion Doula Workshop

Today I went to an amazing day-long workshop to become a trained abortion doula (support provider). To find out what a doula is, check out my website: cheyennethedoula.wordpress.com While I may not walk though the halls of the school I work in proclaiming my love of being an abortion doula, I am pretty open about it in the rest of my life. I love being an abortion doula.

One things I don’t think anyone loves is abortion. Abortion causes a lot of heads to turn due to its high profile in U.S. Elections and in the courts. But the fact is that abortion is necessary in today’s society.

On one hand, I’ll admit that in a perfect world, everyone would have access to sex education and birth control, no one would be coerced or forced into nonconsensual sex, or have unexpected pregnancies, and abortion would be obsolete. On the other hand, I just today read a well-researched article that said almost 2 million women are raped each year in the U.S. And that’s just women who were willing to admit it. So many more people are the victim of spousal/partner control, a lack of education, and/or religious/cultural/health/whatever barriers when it comes to family planning. It’s not a political issue to me, it’s a personal issue and a personal decision that every person should have the right to make for themselves. Because I firmly believe in working for the socially underrepresented and oppressed, I cannot turn away from those who need my help – possibly even more than those who choose to give birth. It is not pity that draws me to the aid of those seeking to end their pregnancies, it is camaraderie, compassion, and a desire to lessen the suffering that is the commonality within us all.

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