Discover #28 ways meditation improves your life: DharmaCore Queer Meditation

~ Day 2 ~
~ Monday, December 15th, 2014 ~
Success Journal
A life worth living is a life worth recording
– Jim Rohn

Today’s action:
Find or set up a journal, and write the first entry. That first entry can be as simple as a note that you did your habit today, but even better would be a short, written commitment to yourself that you’re going to do all 31 days of this program, no matter what, and why that’s so important to you.
– Matt Frazier

Completed my anchor habit for 10 minutes. Did sun salutations sequence from Om Yoga. Here is an example of sun salutations.


I woke up late today and didn’t have time to complete my anchor habit this morning. Monday morning are always a challenge. I stay up too late on Sunday night and then I snooze until 7am, only giving me 30 minutes to get ready. When I realized I didn’t have time for even 5 minutes of yoga before heading out for the day, I felt worried that I might not get to it today. Luckily during a break at work I was able to complete my anchor habit. I did 5 minutes of yoga in my office. I was even interrupted halfway through by a coworker, and afterwards I didn’t want to finish. But it was only a minute and thirty seconds, so I held myself accountable to my full five minutes and finished. I also discovered another new pose that’s great for glutes, it’s called temple pose. I only held it for 8 breathes twice and my butt already feels sore.

Went to DharmaCore Queer Meditation group again. I’ve been going since the beginning of October and it’s been great. I love the community of mindful people and I always find it easier to focus the mind during group practice. I’ve heard that it’s good to practice in community every once in a while to boost your energy for the ritual. I find I already look forward to going once a week.

Every other week we do a silent meditation then a guided meditation, and this week we did guided meditation for 30 minutes. This was followed by the usual discussion. I felt distracted by the guide and my mind kept drifting to being present in my physical body. I did eat quickly and then rush to get there quickly, perhaps I was physically stressed. I eventually did follow the guide though the meditation, but not until the very end. In the discussion we talked about the 4 Brahmaviharas, or mental abodes. These are known as loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity. The guide and the speaker Jeffry spoke most about empathetic joy, which is the ability to feel happy for what brings others joy. The guided meditation instructed us first to think about what brings us joy, and wish for this love to continue, and to grow, and to never end. Then we were guided to think of someone close to us and wish them the same. Lastly we were told to think of someone with whom we have a difficult relationship with, and wish them the same.

Jeffrey mentioned a story about peasants wishing joy to a jeweled man on a golden elephant parading through town. One person asked if there are people such as the man on the elephant who misuse their power and wealth, do they deserve for us to wish them more of that? I found I shared this persons sentiment, until Jeffrey said that it’s not about wishing them more wealth or power. He explained, “Even someone like George Bush, that a lot of people would say abused his power, is a human being who desires to avoid suffering and to find joy. When he sits down and drinks a cup of coffee or eats a dessert he truly enjoys, he is human. That is the joy we are wishing him.” This shifted my perspective completely. Everyone deserves 5 minutes of joy each day, and time to be alone with themselves for at least 5 minutes a day, free from distractions. Unfortunately too few of us actually get it.

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