Find #9 people or things that inspire you: Setting Big Goals

~ Day 7~
~ Saturday, December 20th, 2014 ~
Set Big Goals
Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Patch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
– Mark Twain

Direct from Wake Up – 31 days to take charge of your life!

Today’s action: 

Set Massive, Obsession-worthy Goals!

Step 1. Take a quick look back at the areas of your life you listed a few days ago that are not at  the level you deserve. Then quickly review your  victories list, and let yourself feel the emotion  those accomplishments stir in you. Do what it  takes to get amped up for this!
Step 2. On a sheet of paper or your journal (I  like to actually handwrite for this step), make a  huge list of all that you’d like to accomplish, acquire, and experience in the next 10 years. Don’t think about what’s realistic, just dream, as if a genie were going to grant you your every wish. Write for 10 minutes straight here, and try to get as much down as you possibly can — don’t let your pencil stop moving if you can help it. We’re not concerned about details at this stage; just write enough so that you’ll know what  it means later.
Step 3. Go through your list of dreams and quickly put a timeline on each one — the amount of time in which you’d realistically like to make each happen. No need to get more detailed than “1 year (or less),” “2 years,” “3 years,” “5 years,” “10 years.” Make sure you’ve got several goals that are short-term and several that are long-term.
Step 4. Go through your dream list and pare it down a bit. Cross off any that you wrote down that, while perhaps fun, you aren’t really willing to work for, as well as those for which you’d have trouble coming up with a strong “why.”.
Step 5. From the goals that remain, choose your top three long-term goals (those whose timeline is longer than a year), up to 10 years out from now. Circle, underline, or star each one. Here, it’s especially important to be balanced — you wouldn’t want all your long-term goals to be financial, for example. Make sure you’re willing to start creating each one now.
Step 6. Next, choose your top three one-year goals and circle each one or put a star next to it. Aim for balance again here; try to choose one goal from each of three different areas of your life.
Step 7. Now, look at how your one-year goals line up with your long-term goals. Do any of them match up with (and act as stepping stones to) a corresponding long-term goal that you selected back in step 5? For any long-term goal that does not have a one-year stepping stone goal, choose another one-year goal to add your list. It may be from your dream list in step 1, or you may need to think of a new one-year goal that would represent the perfect stepping stone to the long-term goal (while still being exciting for its own sake).
Step 8. Finally, from your one-year goals (you’ll have three or more), choose one to be your most important, “banner” goal for the year — the one thing that if you accomplished it and none of the others in the next year, you’d still be pretty darn ecstatic.
Step 9. Check your goals. Are they specific? (For example, don’t say “I want to get faster”; choose a precise time in which you’d like to run in a certain race.) Are they positive (focused on what you DO want, not what you DON’T)? And most importantly, do they really excite you, so much that you can’t wait to get started on making them a reality? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then adjust accordingly.
Step 10. For each of your new goals (you should have a total of three goals longer than one year, and at least three for one year or less), set a precise deadline for its achievement and write in your journal a positive, first-person, present-tense statement about it: For example, “I run a marathon in under four hours by December 1st, 2016.”
*Repeat every 6 months

Completed my anchor habit for 16 minutes. Did inversions from Om Yoga. This week I am committed to journaling right after completing my anchor habit. Today is day 1! I remember my anchor habit better immediately after and it feels good to just get it done. Today I really enjoyed inversions, and when I learned that shoulder stand is a thyroid balancer it totally changed my perspective on the pose. Before knowing that I found it awkward and it was one of my least favorite poses. Now I see it’s healing nature and I am drawn to doing shoulder stand more often!
I also went to Elise’s yoga class at Svasti for Jivamukti yoga. Her class always makes me feel incredible. By the end of class I usually have my heels down in downward dog. I love her style of teaching and I love her music choices. Today during savasana she played a singing bowls song that got me incredibly relaxed. Finished with sitting meditation for 5 minutes.

Big Goals:

Short Term (1 Year)
Get finances under control and start saving*
Participate in a 3 or 10 day meditation retreat
Get DONA Certification
Arrange personal sperm donors
Read 12 books

Long Term (2-10 Year)
Be self-employed/Open a space for yoga, meditation, art, family planning, ecstatic dance, meetings, art, markets (5 year)
Yoga teacher training
Meditation training
DONA certification
Have a baby (2-3 year)
Buy a house (make it green) (10 year)
Read all the books we own (10 year)


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