Mind, Body, Soul, Community

Take 2 classes.
Accomplish 10 things you didn’t think you could do.
Learn 15 new things.
Watch 17 films.
Learn 18 songs on piano.
Read 20 books.

Visit 6 new places.
Do 7 new things outside.
Try 23 new physical experiences.
Walk 25 miles with your dogs.
Try 29 new foods.
Go raw for 30 days.

Cook your way through 1 entire cookbook.
Perfect 13 recipes.
Give up something for 14 days.
Try 21 new restaurants.
Discover 27 ways yoga improves your life.
Discover 28 ways meditation improves your life.

Find 5 things you like that you didn’t used to like.
Take on 8 acts of self-expression.
Engage in 16 acts of pure joy.
Take on 19 acts of gratitude.
Be your unabashed-self 22 times in public.
Engage in 24 acts of kindness.

Attend 3 births.
Shadow 4 different professionals.
Find 9 people or things that inspire you.
Visit 11 museums.
Make 12 new friends.
Go on dates with friends 26 times.

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