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Learn #15 New Things: Where Is Your Time Going?

                ~ Day 16 ~
~ Monday, December 29th, 2014 ~
Find Out Where is Your Time Going
The essence of self-discipline is doing the important thing rather than the urgent thing.
– Barry Werner

Completed my anchor habit for 50 minutes today. Did recipe for morning routine including sun salutations. 4 minutes mindfully making cards of yoga flow to put up on the wall. Sitting meditation for 6 minutes on the qualities of the person I need to become. 2 minutes offering up my practice, 2 minutes chanting Om, and 10 minutes doing daily warm-up. 26 minutes of yoga and daily relaxation. I did the whole sequence from Om Yoga today, and even did a recipe that included head stand, shoulder stand, and back bending poses in addition to the sun salutation sequence. Felt good to hold my headstand for 9 full breaths and my shoulder stand for 10. Also, it’s 11:30 am and I’ve journaled for the day! Hooray! I think this is the earliest in the day I’ve been all caught up on journals. Thank you solitude and winter break!

Tonight after failing to find the new DharmaCore location Remy and I meditated at home in my new meditation room! I meditated on the qualities I need to become, reciting “I am…” Ten times for each quality. I feel like I have been focusing on organization and responsibility a lot this this week

Today’s action: Carry around a small notepad or piece of paper today, and record, to the minute, how you spend your time. When you’re done, group similar tasks and total up the time you spend on them.

My Day

Slept until 9:15am.
Went to the bathroom
Sat on the couch talking with Remy until 10am
Took the dogs out, sent Remy off 10:05am
Turned on oven to make hash browns
Cleaned off yoga mat with wipes and spray until 10:30
Made yoga flow cards, got hash browns, ate mindfully and started yoga 10:35
Yoga until 11:25
Finished anchor habit journal 11:30
Wrote about Day 16 until 11:37
Turned off Fetlife notifications 11:37-11:40
Called The Current 11:40-11:43
Unsubscribing from emails 11:43-12:48 (1 hr 5 mins)
Emailing Rachel until 1:18 (30 mins)
Unsubscribing from emails 1:18-1:48
Lunch while reading Artemis Fowl 1:48- 3:00
Email/Facebook check 3:00-3:10
Folding laundry 3:10-3:30
Talk to Remy on the phone 3:30-3:40
Folding laundry 3:40-4:35
4:35-4:38 Got a snack Dill-o
Put away and hang up laundry 4:45-5:15
Put away dry dishes/unload dishwasher/reload dishwasher 5:15-5:45
Preparing dinner/talking with Remy 5:50-6:20
Eating dinner/watching Clarlie Jade 6:20-6:50
Washing hair in sink and drying/styling it 6:50-7:05
Watching Charlie Jade 7:05-7:20
Driving to DharmaCore 7:20-7:30
Groceries at Aldi and Seward 7:30-8:30
Put away groceries 8:30-8:40
Prep for meditation 8:40-8:43
Sitting meditation 8:43-9:03
Prep mini-hot dog snack 9:03-9:12
Texted with Crystal from TCDP 9:12-9:15
Watching Charlie Jade/snacking 9:15-10:00
Prepping Remy’s lunch 10:00-10:15
Watching My Little Pony, updating this 10:15-11:15


Grooming: 15 minutes
Yoga: 50 minutes
Meditation: 20 minutes
Chatting: 2 hours
Chores: 4 hours 5 minutes
iPad: 3 hours
-Writing: 1 hour 12 minutes
Cooking/Eating: 2 hours 15 minutes
Talking on phone: 16 minutes
TV: 3 hours


Discover #27 ways yoga improves your life: My Anchor Habit

Today Remy and I official started a 31 day challenge to start a new good habit and set life goals! The book is called:

Wake Up!
31 Days & Actions to Take Charge of Your Life

It’s by author Matt Frazier, the No Meat Athlete. Today was Day 1.

~ Day 1 ~
~ Sunday, December 14th, 2014 ~
Create Your Anchor Habit

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
– Jim Ryun

Today’s action: Create your anchor habit, commit to a start date, and set the conditions for success.

Your job today is to give yourself the gift of developing that important, but not urgent, daily habit that would fulfill you the most. Not just because you think it would make someone else happy, but because it’s something you love to do.

Helpful Hints: Be specific about what you’ll do and for how much time each day (remember, start small!). Identify a trigger, post reminders, add some accountability, and do whatever else will destroy the barriers to getting started… Then, tomorrow – or today, if you just can’t wait – start your new habit, and do it each day after that.
– Matt Frazier

Remy and I “started” our 31 day challenge for the first time on Tuesday, December 2nd. I chose yoga as my anchor habit on Day 1. Completed my anchor habit for 10-15 minutes today. Did Inversions sequence from Om Yoga.

Yoga was an easy choice because it’s an opportunity for exercise and it improves my mental clarity, relaxation, focus, and attention. The book Wake Up recommends starting on a Sunday, and we didn’t start on that day, so we opted to follow its recommendation that we simply continue our anchor habit each day until the next Sunday. Even though we started on a Tuesday and I successfully completed my anchor habit each day, by Sunday I forgot to read Day 2, so I missed my opportunity to move on. I simply opted to do my anchor habit each day again, and while I skipped my anchor habit on 2 days that week, I never skipped 2 days in a row. It’s important to me to not miss more than one day before getting back to my new anchor habit!

Today I started over again! I completed my anchor habit this morning. I love this Om Yoga book! Even though it’s Sunday, I decided to do the Saturday workout – inversions. I love it when I find a new pose that I’ve never done before. Today it was the L-shaped handstand I did against the wall. I love strengthening the poses I already know, but let’s be honest, newer is always exciting-er!