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Discover #28 ways meditation improves your life: Trash Your To-Do List!

                ~ Day 15 ~
~ Sunday, December 28th, 2014 ~
Kill Your To-Do and To-Read Lists

Completed my anchor habit for 30 minutes. Sitting meditation for 2 minutes to begin, followed by 4 minutes of warm up poses. Did restorative yoga poses from Om Yoga for 24 minutes. Read “What Now” by Ann Patchett during my poses and got to page 40!

I’ve been feeling a strong sense of joy and accomplishment this weekend. I got caught up on both my weekend tasks and am totally on track for the week! I also got a little over an hour of housework done, and read an entire short book: What Now? By Ann Patchett! Feeling super productive and proud of Remy for being so productive, responsible, self-disciplined, and mindful too! We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together since getting back from visiting family, and I’m feeling super close!

Started my creativity brainstorming habit today and brainstormed for 30 minutes.

Tonight before bed I spent thirty minutes cleaning up the study and readying my new meditation space for daily practice. Next I spent 35 minutes mindfully writing the qualities of the person I need to become on notecards and sticking them to the wall where I can see them. Then I meditated on the qualities for 15 minutes. I repeated each phrase “I am… ” ten times and pictured myself embodying that quality. Got tired at the end but finished anyway.

Did my new habit for the first time today: creativity brainstorming. On Day 12 I scheduled new habits and today was my first day to do creative exercises. I didn’t get to it until today, but I did about an hour of it today! See creativity journal for more.

Today’s action: It doesn’t matter what form your list takes; the solution is the same.

Kill your list.

Really. Trash it all. If you can’t bring yourself to do something so extreme, ruthlessly cross off items that don’t interest you anymore. In the case of reading, ask yourself: which would be more exciting, going to the store or the library to choose a new book, or reading one from your current backlog? If it’s starting a new one, you can guess what I’m going to tell you to do.

The best to-do list has one item on it. Three max. If something is important and lasting, you’ll remember it. It’ll make its way onto your list. Use today to look at your lists, and if you can’t throw them out completely, at least limit them drastically. Your creativity, curiosity, productivity, and enthusiasm about life will all thank you.

I can’t believe I trashed my to do list! It was really difficult for my type-A personality, and I’ll admit I didn’t trash it entirely… but I did slim it down to three items, and I feel great!


  1. SPIRAL Collective
  2. Twin Cities Doula Project
  3. Aerial class
  4. DharmaCore
  5. Wed/Sat Yoga class at Svasti
  6. Dinners with Remy
  7. Daily TV time Taper off: 2 hours per day to 1 show/movie per day
  8. Daily yoga
  9. Daily meditation
  10. Weekly “chore day”
  11. Reading Circle
  12. Queer Vegan Dinner

Engage in #24 acts of kindness: Love Thyself

                 ~ Day 11 ~
~ Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 ~
    Decide Who You Need to Become
If you want more, you’ve got to become more. When you change, everything changes for you.
– Jim Rohn


Happy Christmas Eve! I didn’t do my anchor habit today, nor did I make any progress toward my goals. But Merry Christmas, and I did spend valuable time with my family all day, going out to lunch, to a movie, and exchanging some wonderful gifts! This is also Christmas Day that I am writing this 😉 I’ll get back on track!

Today’s journal feels to me like loving-kindness meditation in another form. Loving-kindness is offering love and understanding to yourself, another person, or the world. The key is to take a moment to offer love and acceptance to whatever it is you are meditating on, just as they are – faults and all. I think taking the time to write down your goal qualities is nice, but it’s a different twist to state them in the present like Matt recommends: “I am hard-working.” Even if you’re not right now it’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy, say it and you will become it. I like that. I think I’m going to recite these statements during my daily meditation. How serendipitous that things seem to start coming together…

Today’s action: Determine the type of person you need to become in order to reach your goals. Write these qualities down in a list, and refer to it as often as you can (even as often as once each morning and night). If you want to drive the grooves even deeper, write a detailed description of the person you need to become, phrasing it in the first person present tense (“I, [name], am [qualities]”), and make it as descriptive and emotionally-charged as possible.


  • Hard-working
  • Determined
  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Mindful
  • Strong
  • Self-disciplined
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Open
  • Authentic
  • Creative
  • A leader