My Progress

Cook your way through 1 entire cookbook.
Take 2 classes. Bollywood Dance
Queer and Trans* Pregnancy and Birth Series
Attend 3 births. Baby “Theo”
Shadow 4 different professionals.
Find 5 things you like that you didn’t used to like. OkCupid
my job
Visit 6 new places. Wild Mountain Winery
Hinterland Vineyards
Do 7 new things outside.
Take on 8 acts of self-expression. Victory List
Find 9 people or things that inspire you. yoga therapy
Find Your Inspiration Journal
Setting Big Goals Journal
Accomplish 10 things you didn’t think you could do. try out for roller derby
Minneapolis Bike Tour
Make a 10 Year Plan
Visit 11 museums. The Field Museum
Chicago Cultural Museum
Make 12 new friends. Kennedy
Perfect 13 recipes.  Sausage Puff Pastry
Give up something for 14 days.
Learn 15 new things. roller derby bouts
abortion support
Get Clear on Your Fears Journal
Where Is Your Time Going?
I was right all along!
Let others be
Freelancer or Entrepreneur?
Engage in 16 acts of pure joy. Oatmeal Bath
Watch 17 films. 13 Sins
Barefoot in the Park
Learn 18 songs on piano.
Take on 19 acts of gratitude.
Read 20 books. Vegan’s Daily Companion
Things Fall Apart
Being Peace
The Radical Doula Guide
What Now?
The Mindfulness Sampler
101 Weird Ways to Make Money
Try 21 new restaurants. Green Zebra
Maoz Vegetarian
Mallards on the St. Croix
Little Tijuana
Kobe Sushi
Amazing Thailand
Marla’s Caribbean Cuisine
Be your unabashed-self 22 times in public.  Ugly Cookie Party
Try 23 new physical experiences. speed skating
bodyweight workout
yoga every day for 1 week
restorative yoga
Engage in 24 acts of kindness.  love thyself
forgive yourself
Walk 25 miles with your dogs.
Go on dates with friends 26 times. @ Mana Food Bar w/ Kennedy
@ Vertical Endeavors Minneapolis w/ E.G.
@ Triple Rock Minneapolis w/ Jenny & Matt
@ Chicago Handmade Market w/ Kiersten
@ Chicago Cultural Center w/ Alex
@ Myopic Bookstore w/ Kiersten and Brittnee
@ Marla’s Caribbean Cuisine w/ Laura and Sara
@ my house w/ E.G. and Jen
Discover 27 ways yoga improves your life. strength
anchor babit
partner yoga
Discover 28 ways meditation improves your life. DharmaCore Queer Meditation
daily sitting meditation
weekly planning & review
letting go
Trash Your To-Do List!
Turn off the autopilot
Mindful Queers Reading Circle
Try 29 new foods. kimchi
mushroom pâté
peppadew peppers
lentil pâté
vegan paella
strawberry butter
Go raw for 30 days.

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